2014 Season in Review

The 2014 season is in the books for us, and we now turn our attention to preparing for 2015.

I'd like to start off by giving thanks to our main sponsor, CB Performance. Rick, Pat, Kevin, Anthony, Marie Anne and my son Mark. Thanks for all that you do to keep us out on the track. We would not be able to race at this level without your great company supporting our program. You support us with the best products and support we could ask for.

Rancho Performance Transaxles, Sam and Mike, with your bulletproof transmission we are able to race with extreme confidence and no worries. If it weren’t for you guys, we’d have been out of VW racing long ago. Thank you. Your support means more than you know.

TurboSmart came on board late in 2012 to help us get our 2013 Turbo program underway. We're running TurboSmart's waste gate, blow-off valve, and e-boost set-ups. These are top quality items and they have been working out well for us. Thanks Marty!

We also appreciate the help and support of John and Michael at M&H tires. Thanks for your help along the way.

Harder that it Used to Be
This season marked the first time I've ever gone racing without Cindy. Getting back out there after losing her last year was very difficult. I almost considered hanging up my helmet for good.

But I have my son Mark as well as very good friends. Together, they convinced me that Cindy would not have wanted me to stop racing. So, as difficult as it was, I took the car out for a test 'n' tune late in 2013, and then opened this year with the Bakersfield March Meet.

All tolled, I did a total of six races this year with pretty decent results. We had a win early in the year at the first race of the "Triple Crown" series, which includes Drag Day in March and October, and BugIn in April. That win, plus a semi final finish at Bug In put us in the lead for the series, and although we had a bit of trouble at the final race, we took the series overall, with a little help from my friend John Schuerger!

On the Horizon...
Although I have new distractions in my life, I'm thinking we'll up the number of races in 2015 to at least ten events, starting with the March Meet. I'll be adding in the ANRA series at Famoso as well as the Triple Crown series in southern California. Toss in a couple Bugorama's just for fun!. Anything more depends on the level of support.

Who knows, maybe I'll race less and ride my motorcycle instead!