New Roll Cage for 2005

The desire for a safer and more efficient car led us to install a complete cage as well as some chassis work. This section will focus on the cage installation. A complete 4130 cage kit was purchased from Ron Lummus. Chad at Lummus' was very helpful with some custom pieces we wanted to suit our individual needs not to mention a quick delivery. Thanks!

Below are photos of the installation, showing the main parts of the cage fitted and tacked and some of the fit around the dash later in the build.

This photo shows the "A" pillar bar fitted to the main hoop with the front head bar in place

The back braces fit through the existing cut-outs in the rear seat. These were customized to suit our requirements

A nice tight fit on the front "A" pillar bars. Unfortunately, so tight, the visors no longer fit.

The roof structure in place

 This is how the cage ties into the rear section, unifying the whole structure. I have eliminated the stock shock mount. The upper shock mount is at the ends of the cross-bar

 Here is the finished pan. Slightly narrowed rear torsion housing, braced and gusseted frame horns, and by the way, it used to be a late model beetle pan.

A close look shows diagonal tension rod brackets to support the tips of the frame horns

 One other tricky thing is this Chrome-Moly front beam. Slightly thinner wall than a stocker, it is 7 pounds lighter. Why? Because I could and I wanted to build it myself.

In this photo, the "A" pillar bar is shown with the door bar and sill bar in place. At this point, finish welding is done, except for the door bar. I've decided to wait to finish that until the heavy interior work is done. I'm not as flexible as I once was!


Here, the tight fit between the "A" pillar bar, the dash and door is evident.


This is the new CroMo beam installed. What may not be noticeable, is that this is a ball joint pan

Here and in the photos below is the finished rollcage

This shows the tire fit with the narrowed torsion housing. Keep in mind, these are stock width (narrow) axles, but we can now run without any wheel spacers. This gives plenty of room to the fenderlip and about one inch to the spring plate