As the age old saying goes, it's not a matter of "IF" so much as a matter of "WHEN." A person just has to face up to the fact that if you race, you are gonna break stuff. If you are afraid, or can't afford to break stuff, then don't race. It really is as simple as that.

Sometimes it's just little stuff and easily repaired. Sometimes it's catastrophic. We've been racing a long time in various cars, and the longest stretch has been with the Blue Car from the winter of 1999 till the present. Our record of breaking stuff goes back as far as the beginning of our racing career.

I can recall being pushed off the starting line several times with broken drivetrain parts from axles to ring & pinions and drivelines. One memorable occasion was at Hot VWs Drag Day in March of 2003. A trans failure on the very first launch of a fresh tranny. In the photo, it shows us getting pushed off the line with Hot VWs writer Dean Kirsten himself helping out.

We've ventilated a few engine cases, had a couple lock up, clutch failures of one kind or another, had oil system fittings break off, had stuff shake loose, and small parts failures of many kinds. Some of these, are repaired on site and racing resumes, while others end the racing for the weekend. There are also those that end racing for more than a race weekend. Sometimes ending a season.

All of these are sacrifices that the "Gods of Speed" demand from us periodically. To play the game, we all must make those sacrifices. If you are not willing to sacrifice, stay out of the game!

Below are an accounting of such sacrifices.

Broken Trans, March 2003

Broken Crank, June 2006

Broken Lifter, September 2011